We have a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing customized display solutions. Our specified solution can match the individual demands of each customer and provide them with a higher value than standard display products.

Our display customization services cater to customers across various market segments. Our expertise in engineering ensures that developing tailor-made display solutions with different technologies is smooth and streamlined.

 our outperforms on any scale. Our range of solutions such as Marine, Medical, Kiosk, digital wall video displays and custom chassis enable companies and organizations to upscale their equipment, reduce operational costs and increase performance. 

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For more than 10years and for the future -the know-how and inventive talent of our employees are the basis for continuous development of our products for benefit of our customers.


The state-of-the-art technologies and selected materials as well as the economical and sustainable use of resources guarantee excellent product quality in the long term. Reliable and durable products for continuous use on patients are both an incentive and an obligation for all our employees.


We hold dear the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. Our service is characterized by customer proximity, short reaction times, and direct contact with manufacturer. Apart from great individualization possibilities of our products, we also offer high investment security.