JDP Always Think Quality First Optimized Display solution for Your Applications.

JDP offers a full range of LCD controller board options to choose based on your needs. Our engineers and production team have been customized A/D boards via Military, Medical, Office, Digital Signage, Transport and aviation.

We are here to support you to design your own required LCD controller. Design to exact standards/specifications and ultimately produce specific board to meet and exceed the demanding expectations of our customers. We always opened to help and support your idea.

Professional Display Solutions

Our Compact design products are the result of both continuous design development efforts and our sustained techniques. Also, By continuing to develop the products with diverse request is achieving the success of our business.

Our business segments

 Providing the Best Value to Customers by innovative ervice and high quality items. 

LCD Controller

Our developed LCD controller boards series offer a wide range of interface and functionality of a standard & additional features for each request.

Custom Cable & Backlights

We are happy to offer you advice, planning, producing of high-quality standards products. We offer a wide range of accessories to match your products.

Video Wall

We offer the professional LCD Video Wall for 24/7 indoor application. The High-performance Controllers are perfect for everywhere needs the Digital signage.


Every applicaitons should be exactly tailored. We offer exactly the right solutions to every customers according to their individual requirements must be fulfilled.